How to swim with S.O.S. 

1) Read the S.O.S. Guidelines so you know how it works

2) Register with S.O.S. (it's free) so we have an idea of who's who 

3) Join the S.O.S. Whatsapp Community - you should be added within 24 hours of registering with S.O.S. If not, send us a message @social.ocean.swims or email your name and number to

4) In the Whatsapp Community, join the 'Winter Swims' group - look out for the next meet up, or organise your own! 

5) Meet, Swim and Share! - Share your post-dip glow photos in the whatsapp group and tag @social.ocean.swims on Instagram (optional, of course, but we need all the swimspo we can get this time of year...)

If you have any questions or want to speak to someone before you come to a meet up, please get in touch: